While I am not sure about the comment written by an enthusiastic student of mine (see below), I do believe in the sharing of information which came naturally for me. While I had dabbled in digital imaging and photography before 1994, it was in August of 1994 that I gave up the old technology of film photography for Digital Photography while working at the 1994 Commonwealth Games (see picture below right).

Using an NC2000 – 1.3 megapixel camera and a greyscale Apple Powerbook was a challenge when trying to deliver an image of “decent quality”. Those were wild and woolly days and if you want to read more about early digital photography, have a look at Eamon Hickey’s story about those days at

In those days there were no “How To” manuals and there was only a handful of people doing any real digital photography for production in 1994. I was sought out by many people asking all sorts of questions about digital photography, computers and applications, and began sharing information on a more formal basis then. It has since turned into a sideline and I have lectured and taught digital photography around the world.

Consulting Services – Having lectured and taught photography for most of my career I gave my first “Survival Course for Photographers” back in 1994 based on Adobe Photoshop 2.5!

Today I offer a number of services to amateur and professional digital photographers in private, classroom and ballroom sessions from one on one to groups of 300 or more. I like to teach seminars on the K.I.S.S. princip

le (Keep it simple stupid) and try and provide a blend of entertainment and information. Delivering information from a unique Canadian point of view and I think laughter makes the learning process easier. I also consult and write papers for companies that provide digital imaging software and hardware.

Digital camera set-up and operations, photo workflow, photo applications, color management are all topics I cover on either computing platform and on most of the popular camera brands. I also have lectured on Photojournalism and Digital Imaging Ethics.

And comments from some of my seminar attendees…


Awsome set of classes. You were right, doing both classes in one weekend has given me a massive overload headache. The workflow class should be renamed to “Photoshop Pyrotechnics”. Thanks again,

Bob Bowers


Thanks for a great 2 days of seminar. Great info and practical help. Saving me weeks of trial/error learning. Now to go back and undo all my old habits and mistakes.

Thanks again.

J. A. Woodfield


I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for the subject you were teaching. I look forward to hearing you speak again in the future and have told all my photography buddies about you and the good work you are doing in the world digital photography. Now they all want to take your class and attend your class.

Thanks again


Hi Nick….

What a GREAT class…I only wish it would be given again in about 3 months! I would practice and then take it all over again!! I thought it was fantastic!

Thanks again.


Hi Nick,

… i can’t believe all the info i got. in fact it pissed me off a little, i dropped a small fortune on art school and i learned more in a day with you guys than i did in a semester at school. i just got my d2x and I’m setting up my work flow. thanks for all the info, it was a real productive day for me.

have a good week,

pat krausgrill


i THOROUGHLY enjoyed the classes!!! I did all 3 classes & learned soooooo much!!!  You all did extremely professional & entertaining presentations packed FULL of valuable information beyond anything i could have ever expected! Well worth every minute of my time & my nickels! Thank you!!!!!!!

Mauri Way

Hello Nick,

I wanted to first Thank you for teaching such valuable information!! It is amazing to feel my fears turn into inspirations. However, I feel I need the notes to the class to fully understand everything that was being pushed through that “firehouse”! :):)

Thank You Very Much!!

Tisha Kawcak


Thank you for the great class today.  I’m already trying things I learned out.  Here’s hoping I can figure it out—I was a little fried by the time you were done!

Thanks again. I know I had at least 4 aha’s so the class was obviously a success


Jon Frisch


I thoroughly enjoyed the Digital 201 session today in New York. I loved your photos  that kicked off the session. Particularly enjoyed the hockey and the girl with the Canadian flag. You know,  I starting singing O Canada and got all choked up …..

Now why don’t you put some great flyfishing photos into the program!

Charles Tsiang


Thanks for the information you presented last Sunday (13 Feb 05). You covered a lot of topics in a relatively short amount of time, but it was good stuff. I mentioned to my co-workers that I hadn’t been to a course that gets down to a lot of the finer points of image handling like you two did. It was a little on the techi side, which was exactly what I wanted, and you still managed to make it fun. I’m looking forward to browsing your web sites and delving into some of the other sites that you made us aware of.

Thanks again for all of the great information!

Take care,

SMSgt John Rohrer


I want to thank you for an excellent seminar yesterday… As an aspiring photographer you have a job I dream about… and your work energized me


Michael D. Patton


Thanks for a great 2 days of seminar. Great info and practical help. Saving me weeks of trial/error learning. Now to go back and undo all my old habits and mistakes.

Thanks again.

J. A. Woodfield


My wife, Trinda Love, took your Nikon 201 class today Jan. 23 in Seattle and asked me to check with you on obtaining the .pdf file on the above subject. Trinda was really impressed by the presentation and was bubbling with editing techniques I had never heard of.


Asher Wilson

Hi there,

Had your Nikon class digital 201 on Sunday.  It was one of the best classes I have taken and I feel I really got more than my money’s worth.  I have been struggling with all of the topics from the class for the past 6-9 months.  I wish I had taken the class along time ago.  I am much clearer on the subjects I have been studying on my own, such as, calibration, workflow and archiving.


Joyce Coker

Hi Nick!

Great class this SUNDAY! You both are really entertaining and the information was well worth the ticket! Thanks so much!



I would like to thank you and Reed for a terrific seminar yesterday. I have been to many one and two day classes as well as a half dozen one week workshops over the last ten years and want to tell you that your session yesterday was one of the best I’ve ever attended. I came with a list of questions and you managed to answer them all.


Jerry R. Stern


Thanx again such a great educational experience and all the terrific resources you have provided!!! It was the most fun I’ve had with my D70 without even using it!

Warm regards!

Have fun-


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