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If you arrived here at Links & Software you are ready to know more. There are two great resources for you along with the links listed below the first is for Rob Galbraith a friend and fellow digital imaging consultant running the best resource for digital photography out there. From manufacturers to professional photographers when Rob writes about an item the industry listens.

Rob Galbraith lectures to himself in the Muir Woods

Secondly as a profession there are not that many of us that are willing to share what we know, or how we do things. In 2000 I met a Michael Schwarz a Atlanta based Photographer at a Blue Pixel think tank in Kansas City.  Michael and I hit it off right away (he might not admit it) but both of us spend a lot of energy in creating informative entertaining programs but more importantly publishing on our websites training resources for you. If you cant find the information you are looking for on my site the chances are it will be on his photo training site.

Now the standard disclaimer: This page is for attendees of workshops taught by me and are intended to be used as an additional resource for attendees. The information here does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the sponsors or any of my workshops. Please drop me an email and let me know what you thought of the seminar you attended.

On to the links section mentioned during my workshops. The good news is that when you see a “” next to the link it means the link will take you directly to a manufacturers student discounted pricing url. These manufacturers have provided discounts on their hardware and software for students of workshops.

When you see a “” next to a link it means that this is a product that I can highly recommend and use in my personal workflow on a daily basis. If you see a “” it means I simply can not live without the referenced hardware or software.

More Learning Resources

Nikon’s – Digitutor online learning for cameras and software

Nikon’s – Insights and Technics learn some of the basics


Self Portrait with a while on a Lowepro Shoot

MacBook Pro – Still or Video a great laptop.

Lenovo – They make good PC laptops for working with pictures. and when you click the link left you can get some great savings.

iOmega – Looking for Digital Photo storage iOmega has it all from USB hard drives to Network Attached Storage they have it all.

Infrant – Network Attached Storage solution for those paranoid about back-ups. If you have a Terabyte or more of photos you really need to be looking at a “NAS” from iOmega or Infrant.

SanDisk – Memory Cards are the modern day film. Buying a great quality card from a manufacturer that stands behind their product is important.

Lexar – From USB Sticks and SD cards to Compact Flash memory Lexar has it for you.

EyeFi – Want to send pictures directly from your camera, if your camera uses SD Memory check out the Eye-Fi card.

Visible Dust – Got a dirty sensor? Going on a once in a lifetime trip? don’t let a dirty sensor mess up your trip. Visible Dust is the Industry leader in Sensor cleaning devises.

Epson Printers – The first in photo quality printers.

HP Printers – HP has a great range of photo quality printers.

Photo Editing Tools

Nikon Capture NX2

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

DxO Optics Pro

Capture One Pro

Apple Aperture


Photo Software

Photo Mechanic – Simply the best photo tool out there. It’s a Meta stamping, downloading, viewing, sorting workhorse. A longtime industry standard in the editorial business and is well worth the money for anyone who shoots regularly.

Nik Software – These guys developed a game changing piece of software with Viveza to selectively control light and color in photographs.

Nik Viveza 2 – All I can say is Wow! Viveza is the game changer in Photo Editing a plugin I can not live without.

Nik HDR Efex Pro – For High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing from Nik Software

onOne Software – Standalone software and plugins for Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom they have some great tools

iWatermark – Need to batch watermark photos iWatermark to the rescue.

DropWatermark – Another great tool for batch watermarking your photos.

Image Buddy – Batch photo printing on the MAC

Proshow Gold – A PC only slideshow and presentation software, I liked it so much I use ProShow Producer ProShow Golds big brother.

PicturesToExe – A PC only slideshow and presentation software a long time easy to use favourite of mine.

FotoMagico – A MAC only slideshow and presentation software, which I love. Bonix makes some other great software for photography as well.

Arcsoft – Looking for ways to make difficult multi picture panoramas a snap then Arcsofts Panorama Maker is for you.

Media Pro – When you are ready to build a catalogue of your images Expression Media 2 will be in your top choices for the task.

Extensis Portfolio – Stand alone image cataloging software

Photo Matix –  For High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing

HDR Express/Expose – From Unified Color for High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing

Online Photo Software

Photoshop Express






Color Management

Self Portrait with a NC2000e in 1996

x-Rite – When it comes to color management tools these are the go to people. A great tool is the i1Display 2 if you just want to calibrate and profile your monitor the first step in a color managed workflow.

Chromix Colorvalet – Want a no fuss way of getting that special profile for that esoteric printing paper, ink and printer combo.

Color Mall – Tools for a color managed workflow

Rods and Cones – Color management resources and products

Hutch Color – Color targets and reference materials for scanners.

Digital Solutions

Solux – Daylight corrected light sources for print- monitor color matching.

OttLite – Daylight corrected lamps for crafts

DryCreek Photo – A great site with resources for photographers on print image matching and custom printer profiles

Back-up to the Cloud

Dropbox – Mac or PC simply the easiest cloud storage out there and 2 gigs free!

CrashPlan – A cross platform way to back up your data

SugarSync – A cross platform way to back up your data

iCloud – On a PC icloud is a web site that turns your web browser into an online computer.

MozyHome – Backed by EMC, Mozy can protect your music, photos, and other computer files for generations to come.

Grey Cards and Color Checkers

Robin Myers Imaging –  The best Digital Grey Cards on the market

ColorChecker Classic – X-rites Classic color checker

ColorChecker Greyscale – X-rites three step grey-scale target

ColorChecker Passport – X-rites portable color checker

Lens Filters Anyone ?

Nikon Filters – Polarizers and NC (Neutral Clear) Filters are still very useful

Singh-Ray – A long time favourite of mine and the makers of really great filters. Check out their Vari-ND filter and their Gold-N-Blue Polarizer. If you are looking for aGraduated Neutral Density Filter the Galen Rowel Series are the industry standard.

Lee Filters – They have all sorts of graduated filters, filter holders, hoods and filters for effects.

Genus ND Fader Filter – The Genus ND Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density

Digital Infrared – Have a look at a small gallery of my Digital Infrared images linked here halfway down the page.

Lifepixel –  If you are considering converting your camera to shoot infrared images these are the guys to do it.

Photo Tidbits – On digital infrared photography

Infrared Landscapes – Infrared photo site an oldie but a goodie

DPFWIW – Great information for those thinking of using filters with their digital camera for D-IR photography

GPS Hardware for your camera (Global Positioning Satellites)

Nikon GP-1 – The hardware to connect to your GPS capable camera

Nikons GPS Site – Want to know some of the basics Nikon has it here.

Dawn Technology – It doesn’t matter what camera you have these guys have a GPS Module for your camera

Solmeta – Geotagging hardware

Foolography – More GPS hardware options

GPS Software – Software that will show and share you GPS tagged photos – Want to see it in action? Click Here!

Nikon ViewNX 2 – Nikon’s flagship browser and file converter

Photo Mechanic – The Professional choice

JetSoft Photo – a feature-rich digital photo organizing, creating, sharing software that has Geocaching options

Google Earth – Its so cool being able to integrate a GPS enabled camera with Google Earth

TimeLapse Software – Want to watch a NHL hockey game but only have 60 seconds? Click Here!

QuickTime – Apple’s Quicktime Pro MAC/PC

TimeLapse Assembler – A MAC only program that makes assembling a TimeLapse a snap

PhotoLapse3 – A PC only program for assembling a TimeLapse

Solar and Portable Power

Brunton – Portable Solar Panel for extended outdoor trips

Solarmio – Portable Solar Panel for extended outdoor trips

Xantrex –  Power converters

Lind –  Power converters

Don Rowe Answers – Do I need Modified Sine Wave, or Pure Sine Wave power Inverter? The answer is if you are using a Solar Panel -to- Power Inverter -to- Pro Digital camera is most likely Yes!

OnLine Sharing

PhotoShelter – The solution for showing and selling your photographs

Nikon’s My Picture Town – Two gigs of free online storage for your photos and movies

SmugMug – Online Sharing

PBase – Online Sharing

Flickr – Online Sharing

PhotoBucket – Online Sharing

Blipphoto – Online Sharing

Online Books and Printing

Blurb – Make your own stunning photo book

PrintRoom – Online photo printing service

Shutterfly – Online photo printing, calendars, books and more

Snapfish – Online photo printing, calendars, books and more

Web and Reading

Peachpit PressPeachpit produces books and e-books on all things photography. Of special note is their “Real World” series of instructional books. Have a look for their following titles

Real World Digital Photography

Real World Nikon Capture NX2

Real World Adobe Photoshop Cs5 for Photographers

Dry Creek Photo – A great resource of Digital Printing and print services color management.

Rooky Nook Books – Books about photography and focused on digital photography

DSLR Video

Pearstone –  Nice fluid head tripod at a great price

Manfrotto – Better fluid head and tripod legs

Glidecam – Ever wanted to make your DSLR shots look like your are flying, glidecam is for you.

Beachteck – Audio control when recording to your DSLR

Rode – Their Video Mic Pro is a must have for DSLR Videographers

Sennheiser – A Sennheiser “ew 100-ENG G3” is the standard kit for wireless Mic’s, also look at the ME-66

Zoom – Need to record a separate audio track for you DSLR Video productions the H4n is the choice

Singular Software – DualEyes for replacing in camera audio with a seperately recorded track

And for the Uber-Geeks (you know who you are. But if you are not sure click on here for a definition)


International Color Consortium

CompactFlash Association

SD Card Association

International Press Telecommunications Council

Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform

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