With the Internet dominating the communications industry in both the editorial and commercial photo business coupled with faster download speeds and mobile devices, no photographer can survive without being able to shoot and produce entertaining and informative content video for delivery via the internet. I have posted a mix of fun and work-related videos for you here.


wild fishWhere the Wild Fish LiveUsing a mixed camera video shoot can be difficult enough, but add in the sliders, steady cams and a quad copter coupled with a remote location and poor weather is a challenge. Using a Nikon V1, Nikon D5200 and 2 GoPro Hero 3 cameras in video mode “Where the Wild Fish Live” is a look at the adventure that sometimes is Fly Fishing.

Fishing Bears of the Pitt River Using a mixture of game cameras and a Nikon D7000 still camera this movie shows nature in motion on the Pitt River just 30 miles from Vancouver. Here every fall Black Bears and Grizzly Bears come out of the forest to feed on the spawning salmon which return from the ocean to complete their life cycle. To learn more about the game cameras used to make this video look at my blog entry linked here, to watch the movie click on the thumbnail right.

Run Vancouver Using Nikon’s V1 compact system camera makes shooting video a snap. Especially when you use the Nikkor VR 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM which is a purpose built silent zoom lens. The hardest part of this production was keeping up with the actress. Want to know more check out my Nikon1 page linked here.

Vancouver Time-lapse Shooting a time-lapse video takes lots of planning, pre-visualizing the out come and then waiting around for the camera to do its thing. Even with all the planning you can do sometimes magic happens. In this time-lapse about the harbour area of Vancouver you will see a pleasure boat going around in circles and a cruise ship reverse parallel park into its berth. Want to know more check out my Nikon1 page linked here.

Fishing with Sven While out on the Pitt River fishing with a friend Sven, I spent one day with a camera instead of a fly rod. The camera a Nikon D7000 with a 16-85mm and a 70-300mm zoom lens and a gorilla pod for stabilization was all I used in the making of this movie. The idea was simple try to make a movie from a series of static “still” images of Sven as we spent the day on the river Spey Fishing for Coho salmon.

Johnny SockeyeA just for fun movie trailer made in iMovie of the 2010 Sockeye Salmon Run on the Adams River, British Columbia. Struggling against insurmountable odds, 1 out of every four thousand eggs laid in the Adams River lives to return to the Adams as a spawning adult. Experience the majesty, beauty and tragically poignant life of the Pacific.

Cruising One of my first commercial video assignments for Celebrity Cruise Lines of the Celebrity Mercury cruising up the Inside Passage of British Columbia. Shot hand held with an HD Video camera the steadiness of the footage is a testimonial to the great piloting skills of Talon Helicopters owner Peter Murray.

Spey CastingSpey Fly Casting on the Pitt River. During one of my guided Fly Fishing Raft trips, I pulled out my video camera and passed it around. This video highlights the spectacular surroundings of remote river fishing in the Pitt River just a few short miles North East of Vancouver.

The DeadlineSometimes you have to be the lead actor, videographer and producer. This movie shot during the World Cup Ski Races in Lake Louise, Alberta gives you a humorous behind the scenes look at the old way of covering ski racing. Long cold hours spent on the side of a ski course waiting for split second action.

QumatikIf you looked at “The Deadline” movie above you will get an appreciation for the “high tec” approach to working a World Cup Alpine event in Whistler, British Columbia. Hosted by me and shot and produced by a good friend Ted Schredd this is a peek into the preparations we did for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Pitt River RunShooting raw video capture for multi uses can be a challenge. This long angle helicopter run up the Pitt River was shot for TV news broadcasts, but was repurposed for Fly Fishing British Columbia’s website. In the video you will see eagles and sockeye salmon in the river, and the pilot giving you a “rock top” view of the river near the end.

Other Video Projects

Using video players to display timelapse, object and VR content are an old favourite that still grab peoples’ attention.


Canucks in 60 Seconds – A timelapse movie of a Vancouver Canucks game played out in 60 seconds. Shot on a DSLR camera with a Tilt Shift lens set to take a picture every 15 seconds for over three hours. You get to see everything from the crowd arriving, goals scored and even the Zamboni clearing the ice between periods and after the game.

The World in My ViewfinderA video and still image presentation of some of my favourite works over the years. Made in Proshow Producer this show incorporates, still, video and audio in a review of assignments and personal pictures. It was then outputted into different video formats which is the real bonus of using ProShow Producer.

Beijing 2008A slide show of still images from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing featuring the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. This collection of images and sound was assembled in ProShow Producer and exported as a movie file. ProShow Producer is a PC only program but it could have been assembled and exported in FotoMagico a MAC only program just as easily.

Quicktime ObjectMovie players can be used for much more than simply playing a movie they can be used for Time Lapse projects, Object Movies like the Islander Reel (Right) and VR movies. The main difference in Object and VR movies is you can use your mouse and +/- keys to control and zoom in on elements of the project.

Quicktime VRA 360 degree Virtual Reality movie of the RCMP Arctic Explorer the St. Roch in its final resting place at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) vessel St Roch was built in 1928 and spent 20 years as a floating police detachment in Canada’s Arctic. This movie will let you scroll around and move from room to room when you see an arrow cursor.

Google EarthDo you have a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) enabled camera? Have a look at this screen capture movie of my GPS enabled Nikon cameras and the photo locations they have been. The first location was done on a Nikon P6000 which had built in GPS, the second location was done with a Nikon D700 and a Dawn Tech di-GPS  and the final location was shot on a Nikon D3 and a Nikon GP-1.

Controlling Object and VR movies – Use the mouse to click and scroll around an Object Movie, use the Control Key to “Zoom In” and the Shift Key to “Zoom Out”

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